If you are using BitLocker as a way to enforce a policy that all USB removable drives are encrypted or disabled, you will not be able to access the micro:bit. 

Microsoft advises that there is no feature to conditionally provide BitLocker encryption on removable storage, it has to be enabled for all devices.

To work with the micro:bit, the teacher would have to ask their IT Admin to turn off BitLocker removable storage encryption. [Source: Microsoft, 21 Oct 2016]

Allowing devices

A workaround is to exclude all USB devices from connecting unless specifically on your allow-list (micro:bit, keyboard, mouse etc). Endpoint encryption has to be turned off for the micro:bit to work.

If you are using policy enforcement software other than BitLocker, you might be able to provide an allow-list based on the devices USB VID and PID identifiers,  although specific policy enforcement software may or may not support this allow-list by VID and PID.

Using WebUSB

Another option to mitigate the issue with Bitlocker is to make use of the WebUSB functionality in some modern browsers

Further information

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