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Feb 14 2016, 13:09 How robust are the micro:bits?

I can personally confirm that the micro:bits are very robust. I’ve given my micro:bit extensive use over a number of months with the work that we’ve been doing with IET Faraday, and it hasn’t failed once. I am also still using the same set of AAA batteries that I used when I first got it. The energy capacity of a CR2016 or CR2032 coin cell is much lower than 2xAAA batteries, and will run out reasonably quickly by comparison.

On the subject of the shift from a coin cell to AAA, I asked this exact question early on in the project and H&S was quoted. I did some independent research to verify the facts for my own purposes, and was horrified to hear how dangerous coin cell batteries are for small children (especially so where the batteries are inside a device that is not encased in a box, and might be just accidentally slipped out - and for those 11 year olds that have younger siblings it is exceedingly dangerous.

If you are in any doubt about the safety of coin cells inside a device that is not encased in a box with a screwdriver required to loosen a fastened screw to access that battery, please follow up the research yourself.

Here is where I started from with my verification:

Please also be very careful if you exchange for LiPo batteries - in the wrong hands, LiPo’s can be equally dangerous, especially if shorted out or punctured. LiPo batteries inside smart phones and tablets are almost always protected by both a charge control circuit and a physical encasement to protect them from accidental damage.

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