What is Slack?

  • Slack stands for 'Searchable Log of All Communications and Knowledge'.
  • It is a channel-based realtime chat feature, with a good search facility.
  • You can use Slack directly from a web page, or you can even use it from an app on a tablet or a mobile phone.

Why would I want to use Slack?

Our Slack community channels are targeted a bit more at the developer communities, which is why the sign-up page is on our tech.microbit.org website. But you can ask questions there and there are often people around to answer questions - both people from the community and also many of us at the Micro:bit Foundation are on there too. The search feature is very good, so you might also find an answer to some question on there that we have not yet managed to surface via our knowledge-base.

Also, questions and information that appears on our various Slack channels is regularly mined in order to trigger us to write new knowledge-base articles. We might for example publish something in our Breaking News area if we spot a problem as it appears on Slack or Twitter.

We also have times in the week (usually 3pm-5pm on a Thursday) where we aim to have a lot of people innovating with micro:bit all at the same time around the world, so it's a good place to ask a quick question, or tell us about something you've been building with micro:bit.

Why do I have to sign-up to Slack to use it?

Slack is a private community, so you need to sign up to verify your identity. One you've done this and installed one of the apps, you don't usually have to keep logging in to access it.

How do I sign up to Slack?

Head over to the tech site and request an invite.