What is Computing at School (CAS)?

From their website: http://www.computingatschool.org.uk/about

The mission of Computing At School is to provide leadership and strategic guidance to all those involved in Computing education in schools, with a significant but not exclusive focus on the Computer Science theme within the wider Computing curriculum. 

What are the Community Forums?


The CAS Community Forums are a walled-garden community aimed at teachers and other educators.

There is a simple sign-up process here, which is free, to become a member. You have to provide some form of independently verifiable means that you are a teacher or an educator, in order to become a member.


Why do I see some CAS Forum articles here in your knowledge-base?

Some of our team are also active on the CAS Community forums, answering questions and helping out.

The CAS content policy allows authors of content that appears on the CAS forums to use that content elsewhere (with the permission of the original author). You will see that any content 'echoed' here has a block at the bottom stating that the author gave permission for the content to be repeated here, and the date that it was brought into our system. This is a manual curation process that is done by a person, not by an automated system. We also carefully check each article before we re-publish it here to make sure it maintains complete anonymity for other users (e.g. by editing out any references to names of people we may have been communicating with, or quoted content from them).

Here is the CAS community website policy: http://community.computingatschool.org.uk/terms_of_use#using-the-website

At time of writing, this is the clause that allows us to republish content here with authors consent:

2.4.3  you agree not to distribute all or any part of the Website or CAS Member Content in any medium without the prior written consent of the author of that content

Note that we never publish 'the other side' of communications - just the part that was published by authors who have given their consent for the material to be shared here too.