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The LEDs are multiplexed and modulated, so the actual current required to drive them is quite small in normal use.

If you use a power pack (e.g. from maplin’s) like a USB phone charger, beware that the current consumption on the micro:bit is much lower than the threshold for those power packs, and they will auto power down after a few seconds.

[edit: The BBC advise to not power the micro:bit from battery packs, due to the risk of possible over voltage damage to the micro:bit]

I’ve run a micro:bit successfully off of a CR2032 for a while, although I’ve never had the AAA batteries run out at all and I’ve been using that configuration for months, the CR2016/CR2032 does struggle a bit with some higher current applications.

I measured approximately 13mA for a program that has all LEDs on and the code sitting in a permanent while True loop with no delay in the loop body (probably therefore at 100% CPU load)

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