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Mar 20 2016, 11:41 Where can I find information and resources for teachers?

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If you look under the ‘lesson plans’ on you will find 13 pre-planned lessons with starter, main, extension, supporting video, and worked example programs from The IET. These are all curriculum linked, and downloadable in word and powerpoint format so you can modify and further improve them. Other partners in the programme have also created resources for teachers via CPD (the national STEM centre and CAS for example).

The hope is that teachers will pick up these resources, use them, use them as a basis for their own work, customise them, etc.

Also if you look at the Microsoft pages, there are over 30 pre-planned lessons designed specifically for the teacher with clear objectives, a video for each showing the outcome, tutorials that the students can follow. You can get to this area by following this route: click on HELP, click on EDITOR INFORMATION, under Touch Develop click on TOUCH DEVELOP HELP. Or you can go straight there with this link

Please do try out these fantastic resources for teachers. And of course, there are plenty of great self study resources written by other partners such as Samsung, Kitronik and others, that children could be directed to in a lesson or in self study time to try out and to further build upon.

Also, if you already have your teacher authorisation code, please do use it - this gives you a free ticket to publish your own resources on the website, and also for you to moderate and approve publication of child written resources should you wish to follow that route too.

There really is lots and lots of stuff there, please try it out, please use it, please feed back on it, please improve and remix it, and please tell others about it.

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