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Mar 20 2016, 11:49 Where can I find information about the BBC schools distribution?

All the information you need is already out there in the public eye - you just need to read the BBC blogs!

Please see this public statement made by Sinead Rocks, Head of BBC learning while we were all at BETT 2016 show. In it, she clearly states that extra devices will be delivered to teachers for use in class.

“We’re also sending some additional devices to teachers in the rollout to allow even more children to get creative with the micro:bit. That’s something we’re really excited about, as it means teachers can extend their micro:bit lessons to pupils in years 8 and beyond and that in turn gives the many organisations involved with the BBC micro:bit an even better chance of inspiring an entire generation.”

There is also a public statement on the BBC website about the legacy/not-for-profit on this page, and this also publicly states that devices will be commercially available.

“The partnership plans to collectively develop a not-for-profit company to oversee and drive the BBC micro:bit legacy. We know that siblings and children in other year groups may also want to own their own micro:bit, and we’re giving them, and others, the chance to join in the coding revolution.

Additional BBC micro:bits to be commercially available in the UK and internationally through various outlets in late 2015. These devices will be available for pre-order and will be distributed toward end of this year. The revenue generated from the licensing of the trademark will enable the creation, and ongoing support, of a longer term charitable legacy for the micro:bit partnership. Exact pricing and availability will be confirmed soon.”

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