The editors hosted at by the BBC were designed with a login-system, allowing teachers (and students) to store and publish their scripts on the BBC website Because this system was designed for use with children under 13, these logins needed to be carefully managed and moderated.

An authorisation code is a single-use code that is required to register with this system. The BBC distributed authorisation codes to head-teachers of all schools that registered for free micro:bits in the academic year 2015/2016 roll-out.

We are no longer handing out authorisation codes to log-in to the website, because it is being deprecated and there are a variety of new ways to save, load and share code using your existing tools.   

To edit, save, and run code, you don't need to login to the website. The current editors all support script load and save

Just save and load the generated .hex files as you would in any other system. For example, as if they were a Word document or a picture file. This allows you to use any existing school login system, USB memory sticks, drop-box, blog attachments and links, email attachments, or any other scheme you may already use to store and manage your other files.

When you save your .hex file from the website, this file has a copy of your code inside it. You can  drag and drop the .hex file onto the appropriate web editor to re-load it for viewing and changing. 

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