If there is an issue with the micro:bit hardware, you will see an error code appear on the screen to indicate the nature problem. 

If you do not see an error message and want to test that the micro:bit is receiving programs. A simple way to do this is to use a visual and sound indicator on the LED display.

Flash this test program from Makecode or the hex attached to this article to the micro:bit. The program uses a loop to play a melody when the sad face is shown on the display and a different melody when the smiley face is shown on the display.

Please note, if you do not have a micro:bit V2 you will not be able to hear the melodies unless a speaker is connected to the micro:bit.

If you do not get a face on the LED screen of the micro:bit or hear a melody, then it is possible that your micro:bit has developed a fault. 

Try working through our troubleshooting article using the same steps with another micro:bit and if your micro:bit does not pass this test, please contact the reseller that you purchased the micro:bit from and ask them about their returns policy.

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