I can't seem to get my micro:bit to work - is there a simple way to test it?

micro:bit not working

loading BBC micro:bit

Code does not run

My hex file does not work

Broken micro:bit

Broken microbit


1) Download the attached .hex file.

Store this .hex file in your downloads folder on your computer.

2) connect your micro:bit to your computer with a known working USB cable. A MICROBIT drive should appear in your file manager.

Please avoid using cables that are usually used for charging smartphones, as some of these cables only have the two power connectors fitted and not the extra two data lines required to communicate with the micro:bit.

When you power a micro:bit from the USB port of a computer, the yellow system LED on the back should light up. If it does not, then you should check another USB port on your computer, or another computer.

3) Drag and drop the .hex file onto the MICROBIT drive, and the yellow system LED on the back should flash for about 30 seconds while it 'flashes' the code into the memory of the device.

Wait for the LED to stop flashing. 

4) The code should start automatically, and it should show a face on the screen with a mouth that moves up and down.

If all of these steps work, but you do not get a face on the LED screen of the micro:bit, then it is possible that your micro:bit has developed a fault. Try the same steps with another micro:bit if you can (e.g. borrow one from a friend), and if your micro:bit does not pass this test, please contact the reseller that you purchased the micro:bit from and ask them about their returns policy.





17 NOV 2016