If you're experiencing issue when pairing your device on android, try these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Check that Location services are turned on globally. The micro:bit app will ask for access to your location, but you must enable this for the device before it will work.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth > <micro:bit device> Cog Wheel and click on Forget to reset the pairing. Then try the process again.

    forget pairing android
  3.  Try to perform pairing using the normal Bluetooth pairing process, instead of using the Samsung App. i.e. pair using Android's own Settings/Bluetooth screen and then try flashing to the device.

  4. Another way to check Bluetooth is working is to use the NRF connect app to see which services are running. To do this, write a program with some  Bluetooth services enabled 'on start' and set to No Pairing Required then download to the micro:bit and connect to it with NRF connect. You should see the services that you enabled in the program, visible in the app.
  5.  Obtain the HCI logs off the device and send them to us. There may be clues in there. Let us know what make and model of phone you are using, and what version of the Android OS you have installed.