How do I use a more recent MicroPython image to generate my scripts?

I have a patched .hex image how do I use this to load Python onto the micro:bit?

Updating MicroPython


  1. go to:

  2. press the CLONE OR DOWNLOAD button

  3. Choose the DOWNLOAD ZIP option

This will download a complete web based python editor.

  1. Unzip this on your computer - you should now have a PythonEditor folder

  2. get a patched .hex file that we sent you

  3. rename the patched .hex file as 'firmware.hex' and replace the firmware.hex that is in the PythonEditor directory that is now on your computer with this patched version.

  4. double click on editor.html - this should launch a complete python editor web page in your browser.

  5. Paste your code into this editor window, then press the DOWNLOAD button. This will generate a .hex file that has your script and the patched MicroPython 'firmware' inside it 

  6. Test your code again.


To get access to a patched MicroPython image, you will either have to build MicroPython yourself from the original source code, or ask someone in the Python community to do this for you. The build process for MicroPython is detailed in the README file on this github repository:


Python Community:


25/02/2017 DW