Ensure you have flashed a new/recently created .hex file to the micro:bit created in makecode.microbit.org. The new file will contain the latest pairing process as part of the .hex.

To enter Pairing Mode on the micro:bit you'll need to 

  • hold down  the A, B and reset buttons simultaneously
  • release the reset button. The LED screen will fill and you should then see the Bluetooth logo, followed by a pairing pattern or number
  • Copy the pattern into the app or follow the instructions on your mobile device to pair.

The new micro:bit device has a built-in sleep mode that is activated on a long press of the reset button. If you have a new device and you find that the red power LED on the back on the device is pulsing on and off, you have entered sleep mode by mistake. Tap power/reset again to wake the micro:bit up and try re-entering pairing mode. Hold A+B+reset, then release reset shortly after.

microbit rear


Using the Android App you will be walked through the pairing process step by step, but for reference here is a short video of the process. There is a step by step walkthrough on pairing in Android in another article.


Using the iOS app, developed by Insight Resources you will be walked through the pairing and flashing process step by step, but for reference here is a short video of the process.


There is a MakeCode experiment that adds support for Bluetooth flashing, however it is still in development so there may be a few issues with it. More information can be found here: https://github.com/Microsoft/pxt/issues/4807

How to enable it?

If you cannot see that button and you editor supports this experiment, go to About, then click Experiments and Bluetooth Download. If you cannot see this card, your editor does not support yet this feature.