The Javascript Blocks editor allows the publishing of extensions. These extensions can be loaded into another user's script and used by them. They are really useful for publishing drivers for accessories or other useful pieces of hardware, as well as adding in new software features. There is a published guide to build your own extensions.

Only packages on the approved extension list are visible to users directly in the Javascript Blocks Editor on However, if you paste that URL in the extension search box, it will find your extension and allow anyone to add it to their project.

We do approve some extensions so that they appear in the extension list (or so that you can search by name), but extensions approved in this way must meet specific requirements around documentation and stability, because it's important that our users have a great experience when learning with the micro:bit. Therefore, initially you may just prefer to put a link to your github extension URL on your blog or web page, and tell people to paste that into the extension search box to access your extension.

Approval Process

If you do still want your extension added to the approved list, please create a new support ticket and include the following information: 

Github URL for the extension(s):
The direct link or for organisation approval the link to the Repo/Account

Organisational contact:
help: Email address of person responsible for organisational repositories (can be the same as maintainter/support contact)

Maintainer/Support GitHubID:

help:GitHub ID of someone we can mention in issues

microbit-community Slack ID:
help:Link to product or blog page that details any required additional hardware in order to use the extension. This link must also be included in the on GitHub

Confimation that you have sent at least 3 of each accessory/piece of hardware to the Foundation, to help us support users:

If you have not already done so, please send at least 3 of each accessory/piece of hardware to the Foundation, to help us support users. 

Support Ticket#*

Micro:bit Educational Foundation

Oxford Centre for Innovation

New Road



* You'll get a support ticket number when you submit an extension approval request.

Once we are satisfied that your extension meets requirements (see this example repo), you may be asked to submit a Pull Request to the pxt-microbit GitHub Repository to update the following files with your information: and

A member of the team will comment on the Pull Request asking the Makecode team to approve.

Please note we are only able to approve requests for genuine micro:bit related accessories.