micro:bit iOS App, release 3 was made available on 18th December 2017.

  • Compared with previous versions, the micro:bit app Version 3 contains these additional features:
  • Pair with any number of micro:bits
  • Choose which micro:bit is currently connected
  • Store HEX files in the app
  • Choose a HEX file for flashing
  • Export and delete HEX files
  • Import stored HEX files directly into JavaScript Blocks editor
  • Rapid download from JavaScript Blocks editor
  • Monitor data detected by micro:bit sensors
  • Use the range of micro:bit Bluetooth services in real time
  • Display messages on the micro:bit LEDs
  • Send control commands to the micro:bit buttons and pins
  • De-bug your program code while it is running in the micro:bit
  • Use a simulated gamepad to send commands to the micro:bit
  • View camera images ready for taking photos or video

As well as providing more flexible handling of your program scripts and HEX files, a major addition in Version 3 is the Monitor and Control page. This lets you observe real-time data from the micro:bit sensors, send messages directly to the LEDs and control the micro:bit buttons and pins from your iPad or iPhone. Monitor is ideal for exploiting Bluetooth services in real time, and for de-bugging your program code while it is running in the micro:bit.

Provided by Insight Resources