Version 2

Version 2 of The Python Editor has seen a number of changes including:

  •  Improvements to the user interface
  • A new Load/Save dialogue that also facilitates access to Files and Modules
  • Updated help and links to issues and feedback

Beta (v/beta)

We continue to test our new features in The Python Editor beta including:

Options Menu

  •  Enable/disable Autocomplete. A toggle here lets you enable or disable the Autocomplete function and optionally whether to complete the line on pressing enter or not.
  • Enable/Disable Quick Flash. This is a feature that faciliatates rapid updating of the micro:bit, by only updating the code that has changed in the program. The process used is called 'partial flashing'. There is a technical description of this process in the MakeCode Editor reference


  •  A button to let you change languages in the editor.