You can save code however you prefer; on a USB stick, on your computer or on a cloud service like OneDrive or Google Drive.

In the MakeCode Editor  your code is saved automatically in the browser, but you can:

  • Download your .hex file,using the download button in the bottom left of the screen, so you can flash it to the micro:bit.
  • Rename your project in your projects folder.  Clicking on the disk icon to the right of the text area will also download the .hex file with the new name.

  • Share your code publicly in a message, tweet, email or embed it in a blog post by clicking on the share link and copying the URL that you are given

You could also use a shared document (eg Dropbox Paper or Google Docs) and paste the URLs into it inn order to keep a list of your projects.

In the Python Editor you can:

  • Download the .hex file to flash to your micro:bit
  • Save the .py file to use in another editor

When you drag and drop the .HEX file back into either editor it will restore your script as it was.