You can save code however you prefer; on a USB stick, on your computer or on a cloud service like OneDrive or Google Drive.

In the MakeCode Editor  your code is saved automatically in the browser, but you can:

  • Download your .hex file,using the download button in the bottom left of the screen, so you can flash it to the micro:bit.
  • Rename your project in your projects folder. Clicking on the disk icon to the right of the text area will also download the .hex file with the new name.

  • Share your code publicly in a message, tweet, email or embed it in a blog post by clicking on the share link and copying the URL that you are given

You could also use a shared document (eg Dropbox Paper or Google Docs) and paste the URLs into it inn order to keep a list of your projects.

In the Python Editor you can:

  • Download the .hex file to flash to your micro:bit
  • Load/Save the .py or file to use in another editor

When you drag and drop the .HEX file back into either editor it will restore your script as it was. You can also click Import and select your file to upload