If the micro:bit is connecting as a drive called MAINTENANCE instead of MICROBIT, then you are in the maintenance mode provided for updating the micro:bit firmware.

The way you access maintenance mode is by plugging in your board to your computer's USB port while holding down the reset button. If your board is in maintenance mode by mistake, this might be how it happened.

If you try and flash a normal hex file to the micro:bit whilst in maintenance mode, it will fail and result in a FAIL.txt file being created with an associated  HELP_FAQ.HTM which when opened will direct you here.

How do I exit maintenance mode?

To leave maintenance mode, unplug the board from USB, making sure the Reset button is not pressed, and plug the board back in.



The board should now show up with the correct name (for example, MICROBIT). If this fails to work, please update the micro:bit firmware.

What to do if the micro:bit does not exit maintenance mode

If you have updated the firmware and the micro:bit remains in MAINTENANCE mode, please try the following:

  •  Check if the micro:bit works with a battery pack
  •  Try plugging in a battery pack and then connecting it to USB (in that order)
  •  Try using the micro:bit on a different computer 
  • Try using the micro:bit with a different USB cable (an old or extra long cable may cause an issue)
  •  Check the rear of the board to see if you can spot any components that missing or damaged; for example a diode or capacitor.

If you find a missing component, please contact the reseller from which the board was purchased about a replacement micro:bit.

If the board appears to be intact and the above steps do not resolve the issue, please contact micro:bit support with a copy of the DETAILS.TXT file and a high-resolution photograph of the front and back of the device,  we can then look into whether this is soft/hardware issue.