This page contains all the information you will need to try the first edition of our Swift Playground for the BBC micro:bit. 

If you run into any trouble during the process, we'd love you to let us know by raising a support ticket, where we can help you with any issues and resolve them for the future.

There are two steps you need to perform before you can use the Swift Playground with your BBC micro:bit

  1. Prepare your micro:bit
  2. Prepare your iPad (if you've found this page from the Swift Playground app, then you've already done this second step!)

Prepare your micro:bit

This step is essential and will make sure your micro:bit is running the right code to allow it to communicate with your iPad

On a computer with a USB port:

  1. Download the latest Bluetooth control hex file

  2. Using drag-and-drop, as explained in the getting started guide, copy the hex file onto your micro:bit.

  3. Your micro:bit is now ready to be used for Swift Playgrounds. Follow the pairing instructions inside the app to get started.

Prepare your iPad

If you found this support article by visiting a link inside the Swift Playgrounds app then you've already prepared your iPad and you can skip this step

  1. Install the Swift Playgrounds app on your iPad 

  2. Copy this URL By using a feed like this you will get access to any future Swift Playgrounds we make easily from inside the Swift Playgrounds app.

  3. The video above illustrates steps 4-8

  4. Open Swift Playgrounds on your iPad and under the 'What's Next' section tap 'See All'

  5. Scroll to the bottom of this section and tap 'Enter a Subscription URL'

  6. Paste in the copied URL and tap 'subscribe', confirm that you are happy the subscription comes from a third party developer (this is the Foundation)

  7. If all goes well you should then be subscribed to the micro:bit channel where there is one book, Intro to the BBC microbit.

  8. Tap 'Get' to download the book to your device and once downloaded, tap on the icon to open it. You will be reminded again that the playground is from a third party. Confirm this to open

Using the Playground

  1. In the app tap 'Let's Start Coding'
  2. Tap 'Pair micro:bit' in the top left corner of the screen and run through the usual mobile pairing process copying the pattern into the playground app.

How to Feedback

For any issues please raise a support ticket and we will help you solve the problem. If you'd like to get more technical, you can also file issues directly on the swift playgrounds GitHub Repository too.