We’d like to start by saying thanks for your support of the micro:bit - without people writing amazing resources and showing the world creative ways to use technology, micro:bit wouldn’t be nearly as exciting for people all around the world to use.

It’s important that we have an easy way to update you about any future hardware or important software revisions, so please sign up to our Device and DAL mailing list. This list will be used to give notifications about hardware revisions, or key software changes as early as possible: though we don’t anticipate anything soon, it is clear from this revision that such a list is useful.

As described on the main knowledge base article about the micro:bit motion sensor revision, your existing hex files will need to be updated before they work on the revised micro:bit. After they have been updated they will work on all versions of the device.

Please ensure you are on the Device and DAL mailing list in order to  hear about these new instructions.

Both the MakeCode editor at makecode.microbit.org and MicroPython editor at python.microbit.org have now been updated for th release of the device. Nicholas Tollervey and the Mu Developers have also ensured that the v1.0 of the Mu editor contains support for the revised micro:bit. For other editors, please contact the editor authors to enquire about their timeline for support of the revised micro:bit.