Using the WebUSB feature available in and using a Chrome-based browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, we are able to display live data from the micro:bit in the console page of the editor.

  1. Connect to your micro:bit in the browser by selecting 'Connect' in the 3 dots menu to the right of the Download button and following the steps. You'll need the most recent firmware on your micro:bit to do this.
  2. Once you've connected, download a program to your micro:bit that will output serial data such as the one below (note that this has to be done via the browser connection, dragging and dropping the file will not work for displaying the device console).
  3. The option Show data Device should appear once a program that is outputting serial data is successfully flashed on the micro:bit. Click on Show data Device to view the output. From the resulting page you can download the output as a .CSV and open as a spreadsheet. (Note that if data is only output on a button press the Show data Device will not appear until you press that button on the micro:bit the first time). 

In this example, we are displaying the light level, which in turn outputs the reading over the serial connection.

MakeCode example of outputting light level of micro:bit to serial

This is an example of the data you might see in the Show data Device area using the code above if you vary the light levels your connected micro:bit can see.

Output within Show data Device in MakeCode when light level of the micro:bit if varied

Further information

Windows 10 users may also use iLog by Insight Resources (developers of the micro:bit iOS app)