In the latest Beta Version of the Python Editor we have added a new feature called autocomplete. This gives you suggestions for your Python code as you type, giving you more of an understanding of what features are available to you and helping you to create working programs.

You can also press the TAB key on your keyboard to automatically complete the current line:

It’s important to note that the autocomplete isn’t aware of your import statements, so you’ll still need to check that your code is correct before flashing it to your device.

Remember that typing

import microbit

 means you should then use



from microbit import display

 allows you to write


You can learn more about what this means by reading about the difference between import microbit and from microbit import.

This feature is still in ‘beta’, meaning that we’re still working on it and there could be some bugs. If you notice any problems please raise a support ticket or if you are comfortable using Github file an issue on  the Python Editor repository.