In addition to publishing your own tutorials that guide users through a basic version of the editor, you can also create sidebar documentation by editing the project's README file from within the editor.

Publishing using the project README.MD

1. In a new MakeCode project, open the Javascript tab to reveal the file explorer (underneath the simulator).

2. From the explorer menu, open the README.MD file and make edits using Markdown (use ```blocks ``` comments to include any block code). eg

## Add your tutorial here

``` blocks
basic.forever(function () {

3. Publish the program and share the link. The project will open for users with the README already expanded eg

Publishing using Github

You can also use the MakeCode GitHub integration to publish your tutorials. You will need a account to do this.

  1. Navigate to the MakeCode beta editor, make sure you're logged in to GitHub and use the import file functionon the home page to create a new repository

  2. In the Editor, switch to the Javascript tab and use the Explorer menu to navigate to the file. Delete everything from that file

  3. Use the GitHub web interface to upload any images you want to use. The URL to access those images in the instructions can be obtained by clicking on the file in GitHub and copying the 'Download' link for it.

  4. Add text to the to create the necessary instructions.

  5. Add a MIT licence.

  6. Switch to blocks mode, delete the On Start and Forever blocks if they are there and then sync with GitHub

  7. Open the project in the release editor and change the name if desired

  8. Share the project by publishing it

  9. Open the published link and then use the link for the ‘Edit’ button to launch the release editor with the sidebar instructions