If you need to organise and store your micro:bits away for later use, such as in a classroom environment there are a range of simple and low-cost ways to do this.


Labelling the micro:bit is a simple way to assign them to people and count them in and out. The micro:bit fringe is an ideal place in which to do this either by using a permanent marker or a piece of removable tape.

Individual micro:bit storage

If you intend to store or transport the micro:bit, the best way to do this is by using the original anti-static pouch. This protects the device against electrostatic and handling damage.

You can also use an individual case and there a range of 3D printed designs when you search for 'micro:bit case'


Or photo storage cases like these:


Multiple micro:bit storage

To store multiple micro:bits, there exists a multitude of creative options. This stackable case was purchased from a supermarket and allows you to store micro:bits, batteries, cases, USB leads and peripherals like speakers and all-important stickers!

micro:bit storage case from LIDL

3D Printed storage case



micro:bit storage case from supermarket


micro:bits and components in storage case from supermarket


Labelled micro:bits in plastic cover https://twitter.com/wrenchey/status/1194281910140162049?s=20

rainbow coloured storage caseshttps://twitter.com/aforgrave/status/971436299860275207?s=20


tupperware food storage boxes with micro:bits


Please let us know of any other methods of storage or organisation you might have come across. You might also be interested in our article on sanitising or cleaning the micro:bit

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