The micro:bit Youtube channel hosts a growing number of videos that are used with the microbit.org and support.microbit.org websites. Youtube videos offer automatic translations as subtitles that you can view as part of the video. See our article on how to watch the microbit.org videos with automatically generated subtitles.

The auto-generated subtitles are not always accurate though and are based on the original English text. If you wish to edit these, you can do so in the Youtube subtitle editor.


Contributing a translation

On Youtube, choose the video you wish to contribute a translation to and select the settings cogwheel and choose Subtitles/CC

Then choose Add subtitles

This will open up a new window where you can select the language you wish to add a translation in

You will then be taken to the subtitle editor where you can enter manual translations or select Autotranslate to populate the subtitles automatically based on Google Translate suggestions

You can then position the subtitles in the video timeline to match the audio and make any further edits before you click on Submit contribution.

Any edits you make are automatically saved as drafts, so you can return to the translation at a later date.

Select the Title & description tab to provide translations for these fields.

Reviewing a translation

Once a translation has been submitted, it will be made available for review by the community. A banner will appear at the top of the page asking if the translation needs to be improved. 

  • Looks good. If you are happy with the translation, you can click Looks good and this will notify the Foundation that the translation is ready to be published
  • Needs more work. If the translation needs improvement, you can make edits and click Needs more work

View translation activity

The Youtube translation editor also provides an overview of your contributions. From here you can check on your Submissions, work in Draft and any videos that have ongoing translations to which you can Contribute.