The Micro:bit Educational Foundation makes use of a third-party tool called Amara to facilitate community contributed video translations. To contribute a subtitle translation, you will first need to volunteer as a translator. Once we have your details, a member of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation team will invite you to the Amara video subtitling workspace.


Editing a Translation in Amara

Editing a translation in Amara is a 3 step process:

  1. Add your translation of the English transcript
  2. Sync the timing of your translation to the original audio
  3. Review your translation and ‘Publish’

This video from Amara also describes the process of using the Amara subtitle editor to edit and publish a video translation.

When you log in, you will be presented with a list of teams that you contribute to. Select Go to team on the Micro:bit Educational Foundation tile.



The Dashboard provides an overview of the activity in the Team Workspace. It is the first place to look to see if you have any available videos that require subtitles in your language.

In this example, there are four videos that I can add a translation to. These are indicated by the ‘Translate’ button which includes the language code for translation. For example ‘Translate [ja]’ indicated that I can provide a translation in Japanese.

Clicking on Translate will open the subtitle editor.


The Videos tab lists all available videos that you are able to contribute a translation to. You can also filter by subtitle language, whether the video needs subtitles or if they are complete and the video duration.

Selecting a videos ‘Details’ button will open a modal window to let you play the video and view/edit/add subtitles. 

Selecting a video will open the video on its own new page with further details about the video. You have similar options here to view/add/edit subtitles. 


The members view shows you a list of current Amara members assigned to the micro:bit project. from here you can select a member to view their profile and contributions and send them a message. Contact the ‘Microbit_Educational_Foundation’ owner to get in touch with a member of the Foundation team. 


The activity tab lists all interactions in Amara and you have a range of filters for these activities too. For example, you could see who has contributed to a particular video recently.


The user profile button (in green) gives you quick access to account details and messages you have sent and received.

Proofreading and publication

Once a translation has been ‘Published’ in Amara, it will be made available for review in our CrowdIn translation platform to be proofread. This process is managed by the Foundation team, so you do not need to take any further action in Amara once you have selected ‘Publish’.

When it has been proofread, it will be published on YouTube.