There are two revisions of the micro:bit; the latest revision has an onboard speaker and microphone and the previous revision does not. 

Both versions work in the same way and you can continue to use the previous revision with all the micro:bit apps and editors as you would expect.

There are a few easy ways in which you can identify whether you have the latest board revision.

  1. The Version number (V2) is printed clearly in the bottom right corner on the rear of the board.

  2. On the back of the device you will see that the label now identifies the MICROPHONE and SPEAKER, and the BLE ANTENNA is gold coloured.
  3. The Edge Connector has handy notches to make it easier to use crocodile clips or conductive thread without it slipping between pins.

  4. On the front of the device the micro:bit logo in now gold coloured. This means it can be used as a touch-sensitive input pin.

    latest micro:bit
    previous micro:bit