The micro:bit classroom tool makes coding lessons more productive and allows teachers to easily manage students' work when working with the BBC micro:bit. There are a new set of error messages that appear in the micro:bit classroom tool. This article is to tell  you what these new error messages are, what they report and any next steps to take. In all instances of an error message please save your work as a .hex file and if the issue does not resolve itself please contact support .


Error messages:

Failed to send your code

This error message appears when you are connected and the teacher is online, but an error occurred sending code. When this error message appears this is either the first symptom of connection loss or a transient error. If the issue is confirmed a connection related error the error message please save your work as a .hex file so that you can send your work to you teacher while the issue is being resolved. 

No connection but retrying

This error message appears if you have an initial problem with your connection, please check your internet connection.

No internet

This error message will be shown when retrying the initial internet connection has not been successful. We will try to connect you again however this is an issue that  cannot be resolved by the micro:bit classroom tool itself. Please check your internet connection.

Connected but teacher is offline

When this error message appears there is a network connection but the teacher is not online. You can continue with your work while your teacher reconnects and appears online again.

Subscription error

This error message appears when a network connection has failed and therefore left the classroom completely empty at some point and so was removed.