This article provides an overview of the range of new features and improvements available in the MakeCode Editor 2021 release available at

Data logging

The latest micro:bit (V2) now supports logging and storing data on the micro:bit. A MakeCode ‘datalogger’ extension has been released that includes a range of blocks to support this. You can find it in Advanced > Add Extension > search for 'datalogger'

More information on data logging can be found on and in the Data Logging category of our knowledgebase. Data logging is in beta testing, so we will be updating these resources over the next few weeks. We’d love to hear what use cases you might have for this new feature in the classroom.

Every xx(ms) Loop block

A new block has been introduced in the Loops toolbox menu to trigger an event at a set interval. For example, in a data logging project you might only want to collect the desired data every minute. This block can be used with the original (V1) and latest micro:bit (V2), so please try it out in existing and new projects.

Web USB/Direct flashing from the browser

The MakeCode team have made some reliability improvements to the 'direct flashing from the browser' functionality available in Chrome-based browsers. Please try out:

  • Clearer dialogues and updated icons
  • Hardware detection (an in-browser notification for V2 blocks downloaded to a V1 micro:bit)

While loop block update

The while loop block has been updated to read 'False' by default. This is based on feedback from people who have created an infinite loop that locks up the micro:bit device. Most uses of this blocks will include a condition. The While true loop is replicated in the 'Forever' block which can be used instead.


  • Try out the new Immersive Reader for tutorial instructions
  • Colour contrast updates