micro:bit classroom is a tool designed to make it quick and easy for teachers to run whole class coding lessons.

It is possible to translate micro:bit classroom into a number of languages. 

Contributing a translation

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation uses a community translation service called Crowdin to manage the translations, so if you do not already have an account, you will need to signup as a new Crowdin user. Once you have signed up, a member of the Foundation will approve your access to the project.

We'd also encourage you to sign up as a translator/proofreader on the microbit.org website, so we can keep in contact and let you know about the latest translation activities. 

When you have signed up to Crowdin and logged in, you will find the micro:bit classroom content under new/apps/microbit-classroom. 

Selecting the file in your language will bring up the list of English source strings for you to translate using the Crowdin editor. On the right hand side of the editor, you will see the selected source string and underneath that, the relevant context for that string.

Once the strings are translated, click save and they will go through a separate proofreading process. 

micro:bit classroom can run sessions in both Microsoft MakeCode and the micro:bit Python Editor. There are open translation projects in many languages for both of those projects and new volunteers are always welcome. 

Find out more about translating MakeCode for micro:bit and the micro:bit Python editor or contact a member of the team via info@microbit.org.