The micro:bit can be used with a computer running MacOS, Windows, Linux or ChromeOS, and mobile devices running Android or iOS. All devices will need a modern browser and the supported browsers are listed below.


The MakeCode support pages, hold up to date information regarding browser support, including additional support using Raspberry PI.

MakeCode will no longer support IE11 from June 2020

Python Editor


  • Edge 14+
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Chrome 22+
  • Firefox 16+
  • Safari 6+ Mac
  • Mobile Safari on iOS 6+ for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


Scratch requires Mac and Windows computers to be online and running Bluetooth 4.0+. See further information in our article on using the micro:bit with scratch


Our two coding editors don't work with Internet Explorer 9 or earlier.

You can upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 10 if you are running Windows 7, or upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 which comes with Internet Explorer 11 and Edge, or try the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.


The Makecode editor uses the Mozilla's web audio API to play sound. Unfortunately, Microsoft do not support this in IE11It is supported in all other major browsers.