What are tickets?

A ticket is a uniquely numbered record of your communication with us, that is followed through our system and routed to the right people to answer your question or resolve your issue. It is a direct and personal communication.

The support.microbit.org Knowledgebase and support site are provided by Freshdesk and collects your email address, meta data associated with the device you are using (browser, operating system) and any other information you supply as part of a support ticket in accordance with their privacy policy. They will also store a password if you choose to create an account on the system. Freshdesk is currently working on the ability to remove your own data.. In the meantime, please notify help@microbit.org if you wish to have your email address removed from the Freshdesk system. 

How do I log a ticket?


From the www.microbit.org site, you'll see a link top right of the screen and at the bottom of each page. Clicking on this link will take you to support.microbit.org


From the support.microbit.org site, there's an option to create a New support ticket in the top right of the page, which will bring up a similar dialogue to add details.


You can always email us at help@microbit.org

I got an email about "User Activation", what does that mean, and I do have to 'Activate' it to talk to you?

You don't have to activate your user account if you don't want to - we can still work through your questions and problems as normal with you without an account.

However, if you think you are likely to need to log lots of tickets in the future and will want to be able to check the status of each of them, you can optionally follow the User Activation link in the email and sign up for an account, and then you can log-in directly and see all of your tickets. Also, in the future, when we open up other features of this support portal to users, you will be able to use these account details to contribute public content directly yourself.

But don't worry, we'll always email you with status updates on your tickets as we progress with them.