Yes. The legacy editors are still available online at the following links:

Microsoft Blocks                                    TouchDevelop                   

CodeKingdoms Javascript                     Legacy Python editor

We will no longer be making any visual or functional changes or enhancements to these editors and you are encouraged to migrate content to the new editors.

If you previously used an account on the website to store scripts, these are still available and can be found by visiting the old 'my scripts' page. If necessary, click 'sign in' in the top right hand corner of the app.

Why we've consolidated editors

Since the Micro:bit Foundation was formed in 2016, and the BBC has been handing over the assets and control of the editors and the technology to us, inevitably, a few things have had to change in how things work. We're working really hard to get the right balance between stability and innovation.

We understand that teachers and content developers require stability in order to create and deliver content, but we also understand that we need to keep micro:bit fresh and innovative in order to keep up with the fast pace and demands of modern technology. The current editors offer greater stability and enable us to improve the experience more dynamically.

Recent Changes

  • We have introduced new editors, and

  • Our "let's code" page has been simplified.
    This was based on feedback from teachers explaining how this is a key landing page for children in lessons.

  •  Script publishing has now been added to the Javascript Blocks editor
    Press the SHARE button to get a link that can be saved and added to student learning records (or even turned into a QR           code).

  • Drag and drop works in all editors
    You can drag and drop a micro:bit .hex file into any of our editors, and it will re-create the source program of the original program. This is a great way to manage your code like any other document that you might already manage on a school or     home computer system.

  • You don't need to register to save code anymore
    You can code and download .hex files from any of our web editors, without needing to register for and use a login account any more. Code that is saved from any of our web editors can be saved anywhere (such as a USB memory stick, student shared drive, Dropbox etc), and dragged back into those editors again for viewing and editing. As such, we are no longer handing out authorisation codes to new users - if you need to share scripts, please share .hex files just like any other document you may share already.

Upcoming Changes

  • The Javascript Blocks and Python editors will soon offer versioned links to the editors
    This will ensure that if you develop resources that work on a specific version of the editor, later releases of our editors will not break your resources. This will be done by a special URL that has the version number of the editor coded inside it, so that when you follow the URL, you get that exact version of our editor loaded.

  • We will be turning off the script publishing feature of on or after 30th September 2017
    UK Educators and content developers who are using script publishing via can continue to script publish until that date, beyond which script publishing via will be disabled completely.

On the horizon

  • Script publishing will soon be coming to Python
    This will probably work exactly the same way as the new SHARE feature does in the Javascript Blocks Editor
  • Information about automatic migration of scripts
    Instructions and automated tools that will allow you to automatically migrate existing scripts that are written in Touch Develop, Code Kingdoms and Blocks over to the Javascript Blocks Editor will be released soon