What’s happening to microbit.co.uk?

On the 31st of December 2018 the website currently hosted at http://microbit.co.uk will be retired and pages will be redirected to microbit.org. This will mean that you will no longer have access to the old Microsoft Blocks, TouchDevelop, Python or Code Kingdoms editors that are hosted there, nor will you be able to use any associated scripts or projects.

When is this happening?

December 31 2018. In 2017 we created articles detailing the process of migrating your content from the old site and up-to-date news about the deprecation of the old site and editors so you’re fully prepared for the switch off.

If you need help migrating your programs before this deadline, please don’t hesitate to contact us via support.

Why are we doing this?

In order to take the great work of the BBC micro:bit rollout in the UK and make it accessible to a global audience, we’ve consolidated editors and given a greater focus to stability and innovation for educators worldwide. The current editors enable us to do this and to improve the micro:bit experience more dynamically.

What do I need to do?

If you haven’t already migrated your projects, do so now. These projects will not be available after December 31 2018. Code Kingdoms projects cannot be upgraded automatically, so if you need any help with this or any other aspect of migration please raise a support ticket.

We’ve also improved the process for migrating content to make it as seamless as possible; in addition to being able to download an old project and drag and drop it into the current Python or Javscript Blocks Editor you can now simply follow these two steps to save a copy of your script in a new editor format

  1.  Click the Migrate to microbit.org button that will open your Microsoft Blocks, TouchDevelop or Python to the respective current editor.

  2. Once in the new editor, click the 'Download' button to ensure you have a local copy.

Please store this somewhere safe, as once the microbit.co.uk system has been retired you will not be able to access the old scripts

Please note: Code Kingdoms projects cannot be upgraded automatically, so if you need any help with this please raise a support ticket.

This is an important change, so if you have any questions or you feel we’re missing important resources or documentation on microbit.org or in support.microbit.org, please let us know by creating a support ticket.