The micro:bit has a reset/power button located on the back on the device, that you can use to restart the program or put your micro:bit to sleep to conserve power.


Reset the current program 

If you want to reset the micro:bit program that is running, you can press the reset button on the back of the micro:bit device and the current program will start again.

Stop the current program

If you want to stop the program running, you can put the latest micro:bit to sleep by pressing and holding the reset button for 5 seconds. The micro:bit will then enter a sleep and can be woken by pressing the reset button again.

You can also just disconnect or switch off the power source to the micro:bit. The micro:bit will start running it’s program again when you reconnect the power.

Erase the program

If you want to erase the current program completely, simply flash the micro:bit with a new program via USB.

Reset the micro:bit to the ‘factory’ or ‘Out Of the Box’ experience (OOB)

When you first plug in a new micro:bit, it runs a special demonstration program that shows off some of its features. We call this the 'Out Of the Box experience' program.

If you want to restore the micro:bit to it’s OOB state, for example when starting a new class or issuing a micro:bit to a student, you can follow the OOB instructions on microbit.org