If you have completed a data logging activity with your micro:bit, the data gathered is stored in a My_Data.htm file on the micro:bit. There instructions explain how to retrieve and so view this data if you are using an iPad or iPhone. 

Note: Datalogging functionality is only available on the micro:bit V2. If your micro:bit has a bumpy edge on the numbered gold edge it is a micro:bit V2 (if the gold edge is smooth and flat it is a V2). You can find out more about the differences between micro:bit V1 and V2 here. 

1. Download the app and enable Bluetooth

You will need the micro:bit app for iOS which is available to download from the App Store.

Apple App Store icon

The app requires iOS 9 or later.

After downloading and installing the app, on the iPad (or iPhone), please ensure:

  • Bluetooth is turned on
  • Bluetooth is enabled for the micro:bit app: to do this visit Settings, scroll down the list of apps, select the micro:bit app, then check Bluetooth is on under 'Allow micro:bit to access'. 

2. Pair your micro:bit with your iPad

Before retrieving data from the micro:bit you need to ensure the micro:bit and iPad are paired.

  • From the micro:bit iOS app home screen, select Manage Connections.

Screenshot of micro:bit iOS app home screen with Manage Connections highlighted.

  • In Manage Connections, select Pair a micro:bit and follow the steps on-screen to complete pairing. 

Manage Connections screen in micro:bit iOS app with Pair a micro:bit highlighted.

This video demonstrates the pairing process using the buttons A, B and reset to enter Bluetooth mode, since the update in August 2023, you can also enter pairing mode by pressing the reset button 3 times, as shown in the updated version of the app:

  • Once pairing is successful, use the back arrow to return to the app's home screen.

3. Viewing the My_Data.htm file

Pair your micro:bit (see step 2) and finish logging data before viewing the data.

  • Once your device is paired, from the micro:bit iOS app home screen, select My Programs

Screenshot of the micro:bit iOS home screen with My Programs highlighted.

  • In My Programs, select Fetch MY_DATA (V2 only)

Screenshot of the My Programs screen, highlighting the button Fetch My_Data (V2 only).

  • On the micro:bit, enter Bluetooth mode by pressing the Reset button 3 times: all LEDs will turn on, then you will see a Bluetooth icon briefly, before the micro:bit's ID is shown as a pattern of LEDs.

Image indicating the Reset button on the back of the micro:bit and prompting the user to press this three times to enter Bluetooth mode.

  • On the iPad or iPhone, choose Fetch

Screenshot from the micro:bit iOS app showing the Fetch MY_DATA screen with the Fetch button highlighted.

  • Your data logging file will open. In some cases this will open within the app, in others it may take you to a webpage to view the data. Here is an example of what some data logging files might look like within the app:

Screenshot showing an example of logged data.