This article explains how to complete the activities in the BBC micro:bit the next gen playground survey using an Apple iPad. 

Install the micro:bit app and enable Bluetooth

You will need to use the micro:bit iOS app to communicate with your micro:bit using Bluetooth. Please start by installing the app on all pupil iPads.

Apple App Store icon

The app requires iOS 9 or later.

After downloading and installing the app, on all pupil iPads, please ensure:

  • Bluetooth is turned on
  • Bluetooth is enabled for the micro:bit app: to do this visit Settings, scroll down the list of apps, select the micro:bit app, and then check Bluetooth is on under 'Allow micro:bit to access'. 
  • The Google Chrome web browser is also installed on the iPads as some parts of the process will not work with Safari.

For activities: Comparing surface temperatures, Investigating biodiversity and Measuring area

For these activities in the playground survey, you will need to transfer code created in MakeCode to your micro:bit. 

On an Apple iPad, you may choose to get each pupil to write the code themselves or use the finished code provided in the guide for the activity directly. 

For the activity: Tracking our physical activity

Putting the HEX file onto the pupil's micro:bits

For this activity the HEX file that you need to put onto the micro:bit is not one that was made in MakeCode. It is provided in the how to guide on If pupils are using iPads, we strongly recommend that you put this file onto micro:bits via a computer before the lesson. However, follow these instructions if you would prefer each pupil to put the hex file on their own micro:bit using an iPad. Please note, that this is a multi-step process which pupils may find difficult. 

Retrieving the My_Data.htm file from a pupil's micro:bit after data logging

After tracking physical activity in the playground at break and lunchtime they will need to view the data logged on the micro:bit. To do this, follow these instructions to open the My_Data.htm file on an iPad