You can use the micro:bit iOS application on an iPad to flash a hex file created in the micro:bit Python Editor to a micro:bit V2 device. At present, you cannot load the Python Editor within the app and send programs directly to the micro:bit (as you can with Microsoft MakeCode).

We're currently looking at ways to improve this experience, and to understand how people would like to use the Python Editor with an iPad. If you plan to use the micro:bit Python Editor with an iPad and would like to tell us more about your requirements, please use the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

You cannot use the micro:bit Python Editor with a micro:bit V1 and an iOS device because the micro:bit V1 does not have the storage capacity to support MicroPython (on which the editor relies) and Bluetooth at the same time. This article only applies to the micro:bit V2.

Transferring a Python Editor project to a micro:bit using an iPad

  • When you’re ready to transfer your code, tap Save and Download.

  • In your iPad’s Downloads folder (on the home screen), find your project’s .hex file.

  • Tap on your file and then tap the share icon at the top right, and choose the micro:bit app:

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